Chania Car Rental Policies


Chania Car Rental Policies


Conditions of Rental

Driver's age: Minimum 23 years.
Driver's license: International or National held at least one year.
Rental time: Minimum one day. High season's deliveries start from 8.00 a.m. and pick-ups 10.00 p.m.
Traffic fines: All traffic fines and expenses incurred during the rental period are the renter's responsibility.
Gasoline: Paid by the customer.
Taxes: Local tax - VAT 24% is included in all rates.
Deliveries Collection: FREE delivery and collection to-from hotels, and Hania airport.
Availability: Car models are according to original planning. Delivery problems however, may compel us to supply another vehicle in exceptional cases.
Rent-it-here/leave-it-there: "One-way rental" is available if such an arrangement is confirmed on the rental agreement.
Across the border rentals: An advance written authorization from our offices is required.
Ferrying of the car: An advance written authorization from our offices is required.

Insurance Policy (CDW)

All authorized drivers of E.V. TOURS vehicles are covered against fire, theft, liability to third parties, for death, injury or damage to property.
The renters liability for damage to E.V. TOURS vehicle is 300 Euro for groups A,B, for groups C,D,D1,F 400 Euro and for groups E,G,G1,H 800 Euro.
Any damages to tires, windows and car underside are not covered by C.D.W. insurance in case of careless driving.